BioBolt Evo3 – Keyless Deadbolt (Antique Brass)

BioBolt Evo3 - Keyless Deadbolt (Antique Brass)

Product Description

BioBolt Evo3 - Keyless Deadbolt (Antique Brass)

The BioBolt Evo 3 is an Indoor/Outdoor fingerprint DeadBolt with Passcode and Manual Key Override. This model has replaced the BioBolt X2 Includes: Manual, template, Field selectable deadbolt, 4 KW1 keys. The BioBolt® Evo3 keyless entry lock is great for locking up guns and valuables indoors or securing outbuildings on your property. Its most popular use being for front and side doors of homes. Small businesses use this biometric deadbolt to secure equipment rooms or areas that contain important information. By using this lock, you maintain complete control over who has access to areas you want to protect. The BioBolt® Evo3 biometric lock also provides you with a convenient solution to avoiding lost or stolen keys and PINs. It contains capacity for up to 99 different users, making it ideal for any home or small company. This fingerprint and pin pad deadbolt features a protective slide covers for the scanner, keeping it protected from the "elements". The BioBolt® Evo3 is available in 4 stocked finishes: Brushed nickel, polished brass, antique brass and antique bronze. Its sturdy construction and protective slide make it weatherproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The lock will fit your existing US standard deadbolt hole without having to modify your door. All you need is about 15 min of time and a screw driver.

BioBolt Evo3 - Keyless Deadbolt (Antique Brass)

BioBolt Evo3 - Keyless Deadbolt (Antique Brass)    BioBolt Evo3 - Keyless Deadbolt (Antique Brass) Eligible For Free Shipping

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Top Features

  • Allows entry without fumbling for keys in your purse or pockets, just use a fingerprint.
  • Fingerprint, Pin or Key Access! Has a 99 fingerprint user capacity and 78 pin code user capacity!
  • Low Battery warning alert! Fingerprints or Pin Codes will Not be lost if batteries fail!
  • Easily add or delete individual users directly on the lock. (no PC required)
  • Give temporary access to individuals or groups without compromising security.

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